We are excited to share home-making skills in a lively, hands-on and informative way in a community setting in Ottawa, Ontario. It is our hope that fostering these skills which our grandmothers may have taken for granted, allows us to be more gentle on the earth (and ourselves) as we reduce our dependence on food and products that have been massed produced or shipped from far away.

We are committed to making these workshops as accessible as possible. Resilient Kitchen is an initiative run by volunteers. The workshops are free of charge and all are welcome without exception. Donations are appreciated, but not obligatory and go to the Workshop Leader to and to Resilient Kitchen to cover material and printing costs.

We are grateful to the Workshop Leaders and other volunteers who have given their resources and time generously and have thus made these workshops possible.

We are also grateful to CCOC who have provided a wonderful space to host the workshops free of charge.

This is the third year that these workshop series is being run. If you have any suggestions, or would like to share a craft/skill/recipes that you love or know of a wickedly awesome teacher, don’t hesitate to contact us at resilientkitchen@gmail.com.  We are open to your ideas and suggestions. Home-making skills can range from gardening, needle-work, making homemade beauty products, how to use local plants to making yummy comestibles.

For our lineup of workshops, go to our Workshops page. We currently have Your Resilient Wallet 6 part workshop series coming up in Jan 2014. You can sign up to our mailing list here.