There are a range of juicers out there: The Juice fountains which gobble down anything at super speed and super noise – they take up a lot of space in the kitchen too. Then there are the quieter cold-press juicers giving you more juice and a higher quality juice due to the pressing of the juice. My preference over the two as you can tell is the cold press juicer. However my recent discovery is an electricity free cold-press juicer with a hand crank to push the fruit or veges through. It’s designed to be a wheatgrass juicer but after some rather exciting experimentation I discovered you can use it for any fruit and vegetables. If you have a juicer or are thinking about buying one have a look at some juicing recipe inspiration, remember you can freestyle it too and create your own favorite flavor combinations.

Pro’s of The Healthy Juicer

  • Compact size: Easy to tuck away in the kitchen or take traveling with you (BONUS! Juice on the go!)
  • The table clamp could be used on your tow bar of your car = road trip juice break
  • Super quiet: It squeaks a little with carrots but other wise it’s a dream, you won’t wake your kids or anyone else in the house when you are craving a fresh juice post early morning yoga session.
  • Saving Power: Seriously good! FYI you can also buy hand crank blenders.. awesome!
  • Includes a sieve: If you don’t like pulpy or frothy juice this will create a super smooth juice for you
  • Cost: $50 – $80 depending on where you buy it. Much better than a $200 – $500 investment if you are just getting started with juicing.
  • Really squeezes as much juice out as possible – much more effective than traditional juice fountains
  • A fun way to teach your kids that juice takes time to prepare and should be a special treat – not for every meal unless they are prepared to make it and clean up every time (probably not..)
  • It’s also millions of times better for you than carton juice, as you will already know.
  • A good way to get more greens into your diet if you are rushing around. Take a juice to have on the run during the day when you know you might forget to have lunch on time.

Con’s of The Healthy Juicer

  • You have to chop up your veges smaller so they will catch and run through the juicer
  • The juice catching section is small and may require emptying part way through juicing